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You deserve an extraordinary life!

Let's create it together.

Your extraordinary life begins with

taking care of yourself.

Information About Sessions


Each session is unique and filled with divine love. Energy work occurs from multilevel realms, incorporating all aspects of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This multidimensional form of healing helps you understand the limiting patterns in your life. No matter what you choose to work on, we'll also teach you to activate your own divine knowing so that you're empowered to experience the abundance, joy, and peace that is your actual truth. All sessions are customized to what you are seeking. I want our work together to be the best possible experience for you. All sessions are both a healing and a reading. You need not be spiritually inclined, nor have any specific qualifications. Your desire for growth is all that is needed.  

Sessions are designed to help you take a deeper look at what emotions, thoughts, or beliefs you may be holding that keep you from experiencing the life you desire. We want clarity on what has/is/will be happening in our lives, usually in the areas of health, love, money, relationships, and career. (See more below). In the new energetics, healing and shifts can occur without the necessity of delving deeply into past pain and trauma. This area is one of the most profound aspects of the work I do, and I am always amazed by how effective this can be. Such healing shifts are often instantaneous. The more specific your questions, the more detailed the answers you’ll receive. Queve and the guides I work with say they are not future tellers, but rather, help you to create the reality you desire for yourself. They are, however, forthright with information regarding probable outcomes based on current circumstances. Be assured, anything you need to know the guides will weave into your session.

Given the nature of trance channeling and fully hosting you, several hours of my time must be utilized to enable the best possible experience for you. This means time for preparing to host you, actually hosting you, and also fully clearing my energy once we have completed. Approximately 5+ hours actually goes into a 90 minute session for you, and thus I must schedule accordingly.

It is my greatest passion and deepest honor to serve you on your journey into infinite possibilities, allowances, and love. If you have any questions prior to purchasing the sessions above, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. You can easily reach me via the Contact page on this website.

Sample Session Themes:


Sample Session themes: troubling relationships; soul purpose; introduction to your guides; abundance blocks; intuitive gifts; understanding root causes and healing physical body dis-ease, emotional pain and trauma; communications with passed on loved ones; soul retrieval; energetic chord cutting; third-eye opening; karmic clearing and healing; past lives; career or life shifts; creativity blocks; akashic record work; chakra clearing, alignment and openings; grief; emotional distress; DNA work, Merkaba activation; and so much more.

Trance Channel vs Conscious Channel - Energy Forward vs Energy In:

Channeling is the communication of information through an embodied human, from a source that exists on another dimension of reality, and that is not from the mind (or personality energy), of the channel. The method that's best for you depends on your personal style., comfort level, and what you are seeking to accomplish. 

Trance channeling (or embodied and unconscious channeling), occurs when the channel willingly enters varying degrees of trance-like states of consciousness (stepping back), in order to connect with high spiritual energies that exist outside of themselves. Trance channels use their body energies as a “vehicle” for the spiritual energy guide to incorporate into (step forward), and communicate directly via speaking, writing, movement, and full energy healing. Trance channeling is something that should not be attempted without extensive training and supervision. It's of the utmost importance to use discernment in allowing only guides of the highest love, light and integrity to connect with you in this way. Trance channeling is quite rare, and provides the most abundant full bodied experience for clients since it is direct without the channel's personality energy intervening.  

Conscious channeling is when the channel raises their vibration and opens communication with high spiritual energies in order to receive guided information and healing. The channel elevates to an expanded state of consciousness that allows them to align their frequencies with the guides. The channel is fully present in their body and a separate stream of consciousness flows alongside. The pathway is made between the channel's open heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, while information is received word for word utilizing the channel's access to vocabulary. Conscious channeling also allows for the full reading of energy that surrounds you, therefore providing you with loving guidance. 

Channeling vs Mediumship:

Channels generally focus their efforts on bringing through guidance from higher vibrational spiritual energies (such as Ascended Masters, Archangels, angels, etc.), while mediums focus primarily on bringing through information from deceased loved ones or individuals who have left the physical plane, and now exist in spiritual realms. Channels and mediums are both psychics and bring through guidance that is not interpreted by their individual personality energy. In this regard, the information is truly channeled. Often times during my sessions, your passed on loved ones will present with guidance and information as well. Their energy is independent from Queve and the other guides I channel, so there is no guarantee for their appearance.

What Does Spiritual Energy Work Feel Like:


If you are new to energy work and healing, you might be wondering what to expect. Everyone has their own unique experience with spiritual energy. There is no right or wrong way to feel. You have a different vibrational frequency that is yours alone; your reality experience is like no one else's. You also have your own blocks, limiting beliefs, lessons, etc. No one else has your exact combination of attributes – you’re beautifully unique with your own design! With that said, here are some common experiences people note when receiving spiritual energy healing.

Temperature Changes: 
As spiritual energy moves through your system, it creates a shift within your energy field. Depending on the focus of healing, you might feel movement, as if a cool breeze were blowing upon you. If you are releasing blocks, you may feel heat, as they are being removed. The effect may be all over your body or localized.

Physical Sensations:

During a healing session, your physical body is also being encouraged to release unhelpful energies. A body may release in ways such as: yawning, coughing, sneezing, releasing gas, and more. You might notice your stomach gurgling for example. It’s possible you may feel a slight temporary dizziness as you adjust to the shift in your energy system. These can all be signs that the spiritual energy is doing its work and shifting your system. Other common sensations can include temporary tingling and slight numbness..

Emotions and Feelings:

Emotional reactions are common. If you have a physical condition, or dis-ease, there is most often an emotional connection or imbalance that underlies it. An emotional release can take place which lends to feelings of relaxation and relief.

Spiritual Experiences:

Some people have spiritual experiences during energy work sessions such as seeing or feeling their own guides. You might see inside your body in an expanded way, or feel a deep sense of calm, safety, and comfort, Some people fall asleep as they are processing the energetic shifts, whereas others feel much more energized in their body and report feeling more aware and connected.

Nothing At All:

It can also be common not to experience anything during energy work. This doesn’t mean the work is ineffective. It may simply mean that currently you aren't sensitive to the subtle shifts, or you may have much occupying your thoughts and emotional life, therefore distracting you from sensing subtle energies. Our abilities to sense and feel the work often changes as frequencies adjust, rise, and settle in.



The growth you claim today will empower all of your days forward.

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