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Energy Forward Training with Queve

SKU: 0007
  • Would you like to take your personal channeling gifts to the professional level?


    Trainings are extensive and typically last 8 weeks. For this reason, I can only offer this service to one individual at a time. Trainings are multifaceted, custimized, and involve several modalities.


    Their purpose is to facilitate your own ability to channel (trance or consciously); to clear karma, to open your Third Eye/6th Chakra to strengthen your own personal gifts of intuition; to raise your frequency to allow alignment with your higher spiritual energy and guides; to open upper level chakras, to provide full mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy clearings and "motorship", plus more. As part of your Training, QUEVE and I will teach you to individually provide the above services for others.  


    Throughout the duration of our time together, I will personally host you energetically in order to fully bring your own energy forward. Trainings will provide you with full channeled access to Queve with 8 private sessions, and daily communication with Cheryl. 


    Please email me directly using the contact form on this website to learn more:

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