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psychic services Cheryl Raymer channel medium

Hi, I'm Cheryl and I'm an energy worker. I have been intuitive as far back as I can remember. For 22 years now, I've had the honor to host and channel high energies as a physical and spiritual counselor and healer. I absolutely LOVE WHAT I DO! I am blessed to see people's lives change dramatically and often instantly each day.

The majority of my client work is with Queve, who first came forward via my training 22 years ago. Queve presents as a singular voice representing a collective of high energies from The Sixth Ray. They come in service to assist you in improving all areas of your life through healing, transformation and ascension. They wish for you to awaken to your full divine nature, and to accelerate spiritual transformation. Elevating humans also heals and transforms our beautiful planet Earth.

"Inner peace is the key: if you have inner peace, the external problems do not affect your deep sense of peace and tranquility. Without this inner peace, no matter how comfortable your life is materially, you may still be worried, disturbed or unhappy due to circumstances."

 - The Dalai Lama XIV

This quote has profound meaning for me; its message illustrates the challenged path my own life has taken. I had much trauma in my youth, especially between the ages of 4-7, and additionally through my adult years, that I needed to process in order to show up and best serve others. More recently, my life took on a series of what could be viewed as negative and traumatic events, to blaze a shift in my own spiritual awareness and perspective. I am forever grateful for these events because they've brought peace through healing, acceptance, transcendence, and enlightenment into my entire being. My past and ongoing growth infuses to enable me to be a better healer and teacher for you.

My life blessing and purpose is to guide you into manifesting the life of your dreams, and I would be truly honored to do so.

In Love, Light and Honored Service to You and The All Livings,


Along with Queve, I also work with the Archangels (most notably Archeiai Celena from The 2nd Crystal Ray), and Ascended Masters who all impart varying information and healing light. Of course, your personal energy guides and passed loved ones often present during session work as well. 

About The Work

energy work channel medium Queve

My body, or vessel, is utilized as a host, so Queve and other guides I work with, can be channeled to provide information and healing. When the energies are invited to connect, they conduct an all-encompassing physical reading of your multi-level energy field. In that protected sacred space, you are able to receive support, healing, clearing and information to help remove limitations that interfere on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

I often can feel when a session will happen because Queve connects your energy with mine hours before your session is scheduled to begin. This process is much like "tuning-in" to a radio station by aligning frequencies. In essence, I host YOU at a level where spiritual energy guides can fully connect with you. Back in 2001 when I began to trance channel and host, I wasn't able to remember session content, because I, Cheryl, was not present. Queve was Forward, and Cheryl was Back. In recent years, I'm now gifted with much recollection of the work which greatly aids in helping to provide further clarity for my clients. We hear you and feel you. When we connect in, we know what is happening within your dimensional being and we communicate that information, while the healing work shifts you, so you may receive confirmation and understanding. Queve says: "It is human nature to respect confirmation and proof, so we provide it. We do not suggest for you to feel things, we only observe their truth".

What's unique in my practice is that I'm able to provide you direct trance channeled access to high spiritual energies that provide a full body experience for you. The guides come in fully forward, distinct. and present with abundant enveloping love to nourish you on multiple levels Various healing modalities are synthesized all at once, eliminating the need for progressed session work. 

I work with people of all ages, all cognitive development levels, and I also work with animals. Phone sessions are as effective as in-person sessions since energy work does not rely on spatial or linear relations. Also, your belief is not necessary for the work to occur. It happens with mutual intention and invitation.

My goal for your session is to not only provide the information and healing you seek, but also help to activate your own direct path for guidance long after your session concludes. I believe everyone can connect and channel through alignment.

It's time to start thinking of your life differently.

You are a director, and you have an entire team of guides

at the ready to assist you.  Direct us on task and you'll

be amazed by what you can achieve.



*   Juris Doctor Degree, Valparaiso University School of Law, Valparaiso, Indiana, 1991

*   Bachelor of Science Degree, Honors, Political Science, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, 1987

*   Bachelor of Science Degree, Honors, Philosophy, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, 1987

*   Bachelor of Arts Minor in Music, Honors, Oboe, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, 1987

*   Saline High School, Saline, Michigan, 1983

*   Lawyer, Children's Rights Law, Specializing in Children with Disabilities and Nonprofit Organizations

*   Co-Founder and Partner of Sacred Serenity

*   Founder and Facilitator of Earth Angels Journey

*   Signature Cell Healing Certification

*   Human Design System Practitioner  

*   Order of Michael Member

*   Crystals, Rocks, and Minerals

*   Astrology

*   Tarot

*   Akashic Records

*   Equine Assisted Learning

*   Oboist 

Professional Credentials and Areas of Interest

Formal Education

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