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How Spiritual Energy Work Expands Your Life, continued from Home Page:

Energy work is integrative holistic healing (or complementary medicine treatment), that activates the subtle energy body system to realign and remove blockages that can have a profound negative effect upon our entire physical, mind, emotional and spiritual body energy system. Emerging now as more universally accepted, energy work dates back to ancient times, and is rooted in Christianity, as well as other Western and Eastern faiths. There are many different types of energy healing, modalities and frameworks, however, all work to adjust and direct proper energy flow throughout the whole body system.  

The human body is an energy system comprised of physical and non-physical energy. Both chemical and universal life-force energy flow through the physical body and our energy body field to keep us alive. All living organisms radiate a bioelectric energy field, a subtle body,  or energy anatomy. When energy flows freely through all cells in the body, we are healthy and full of vitality. By design, this is the natural state of the human body system. However, when imbalance occurs on any level of the system, it has a direct effect upon the physical body. As we move through life, we encounter varying "objects" that create resistance or imbalance within our bodies. Such objects may be environmental pollutants, difficult life events (such as trauma), deep seated emotions (for example anger, stress, grief, and depressions, etc.), people we don't resonate well with, unbalanced nutrition, or anything that makes us lack ease in our bodies. Imbalances may also be acquired from our parents, and can impact us both constitutionally and emotionally. Discomfort of any kind creates disruption in the natural flow of energy throughout the entire physical and energetic body system. Every thought, emotion, and/or feeling creates a change, or shift, in our body chemistry at a subatomic, or quantum, particle level. It's these changes that create our varying states of health.  

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